Privacy Statement

1.   Why this privacy statement?

Westfalia and associated bodies place great importance on the protection of your privacy and personal data. Your personal data is therefore treated with great care and secured. We only use and process your personal data in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations, including the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG).


By accepting this Privacy Statement, we wish to point out, as a customer and user of, any processing operations and your rights. By using our website, the user, yourself, gives implicit consent to possible processing operations.


It is possible that our privacy policy is susceptible to modifications and changes in the future. These will be made clear in our Privacy Statement.


Who works with and processes the personal data?


The website is an initiative of:

Westfalia Gmbh ("Westfalia" and "We")
Industriestrasse 1
D58093, Hagen
Federal Republic of Germany

Telephone: 00800 862 83 537


2.   Why do we process your data?

Westfalia collects your personal data only for one overarching purpose, namely to offer every user of our website and webshop a safe, optimal and personalised user experience. The collection of personal data becomes more extensive as the user continues to use the website and our online order method.


This data processing is therefore essential for the operation of the website and the associated services.


Processing is only for the following (internal) purposes:

  • Processing orders and managing your account.

  • Offering and improving our personalized and general services; including billing purposes, newsletters and offers that are useful and / or necessary for the user.

  • The detection and protection against fraud, errors and / or criminal behavior.

Note: You can of course object to the use, documenting and sending of your personal data for advertising purposes, but the information required to process your order is required to ensure your order is processed and sent to you correctly.


Your personal data is stored after you have placed an order with us for tax and commercial purposes. After the legal deadline for retaining this, the data will be deleted unless you agree to further use and processing of our service.


When visiting the Westfalia website, anonymous data, containing no identifying information, is collected for statistical purposes. This data is necessary to optimize our website for future users.

This data includes:

IP address, location data, time and day of your visit and which pages were visited. When you visit the Westfalia website, you implicitly agree to this data collection intended for statistical purposes as described above.

As a User, when you create an account or order a product yourself, the personal data entered is the only information which we keep and is linked solely to your account which is not used outside of account, order processing and help services. The personal data is processed for internal use within Westfalia only.

We assure you that personal data will not be sold, passed on or communicated to third parties that are connected to us for any purpose. Westfalia has taken all possible legal and technical precautions to avoid unauthorized access and use.

On request we can provide you with the personal data that Westfalia has stored for you free of charge.


Send this request to:


On request Westfalia is obliged to release, modify, block or delete the personal data for you.


3.   We also use cookies

During a visit to this site, 'cookies' can be placed on the hard disk of your computer to better tailor the website to the needs of the returning visitor.


Cookies help us to optimize your visit to the website, to remember technical choices (for example, a language choice, a newsletter, etc.), and to show you more relevant services and offers.

For a further understanding of how we use cookies to collect and process your personal data, we refer you to our Cookie Statement.


4.   User Rights

When we process your data you have the right to submit various requests. You have the right to request access to your data, rectification, deletion of your personal data, limitation and objection of processing, data transferability and withdrawal of your consent.


You can exercise a number of these rights yourself if you have an account on our website. Other requests can be submitted via


We will deal with your request within one month.


4.1 Right of access and rectification

You have the right to access your information with regards to processed data, and the recipients of this personal data.


4.2 Right to removal / deletion of your personal data

You can only invoke the right to delete your data when:

  • Your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or processed.

  • You withdraw your consent and no other legal basis exists for the processing of your data.

  • Objection is made to the processing and no prevailing compelling justified grounds exist for the processing.

  • When the personal data has been processed unlawfully.

  • Your data must be deleted in accordance with a legal obligation set forward by another party.

4.3 Right to restriction and objection of your personal data being processed

You have the right to obtain a restriction on the processing of your personal data:

  • During the period that we need to check the accuracy of the personal data.

  • If the data processing is unlawful and you request a restriction of the processing instead of deleting the personal data.

  • When we no longer need your personal data for processing purposes.

During the period we need to assess the presence of the grounds for deleting / removing personal data.


4.4 Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain the personal data in a structured, current and machine-readable form.


4.5 Right to withdraw consent and right to file a complaint

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of processing based on previous consent prior to its withdrawal.


5.   Data security

How does Westfalia GmbH protect your personal information?
As soon as you want to pay via your shopping basket, click on the "Pay Now" button. To do this in the most secure way, Westfalia uses high-quality encryption system , via a secured TLS connection, to ensure no keystrokes are recorded in any way. This makes it extremely difficult and almost impossible for unauthorized persons to view the information sent during or after payment.

The following user data encryption methods are used:

RSA with 256-bit key (TLS_ECGHE_RSA_With AES_256_CBC_SHA, 256-bit key)

You can recognize the access encryption in the browser by the closed green padlock and the indication https: // in the internet address.

If you use an online account with username and password, your password is saved as a so-called 'hash value', which means that we cannot retrieve your password and cannot forward it to third parties in any way. Your online account stores your address details, telephone numbers, e-mail address and date of birth. Your bank details, account transactions and orders from us are stored on a separate server that is not accessible to third parties. Therefore, we cannot provide this information to your online account, safety first.

6. What can you do for the security of your data?
Always use only secure passwords and PIN codes for a provider or portal. A strong password consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. Never use a secure PIN code as your date of birth or other known number groups such as 1234567, etc. Change your passwords regularly.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on [25-05-2018].

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