Christmas has a long and full history and everyone has their own tradition. However, the one thing we have in common is to feel warm and loved during this cold time of year. At Westfalia we understand the reason for the season so no matter how you choose to celebrate we have something perfect for you. We've got a specialty German Christmas Market and massive discounts on our regular assortment so you save a bundle on traditional Christmas treats like marzipan and rum balls. Better yet, make some for yourself using our baking tins and cookware. In the appliances section grab an electric knife for carving turkey or multipurpose bread maker. If that's not your style, browse through our gifts for the handy man or gadget lovers in your life. Set the mood with a twinkling string of fairy lights, fir wreaths and some tasteful ornaments.

We express our good tidings and cheer by getting together with family and friends to share food, exchange gifts or just spend time with each other. Don't waste hours going through store after store. Spend this extra time with your loved ones while you take advantage of our super low prices, wide selection and money-back guarantee. Our present to you is a fatter wallet at the end of the day and peace of mind knowing your gifts are on their way.

All prices include VAT and exclude delivery charges.