Woodworking is a general term that refers to a huge variety of tasks and functions. Woodworking extends from simple chopping and sawing all the way to precision carving and treatments. Because of the wide variety of jobs and tasks, you will need an equally large selection of tools, machines and accessories at your disposal. 

For fields and trades such as tree felling, construction and gardening you will require products like chainsaws, hand saws and axes to chop and cut larger wooden materials. A sawmill could help to further process these cut logs to produce planks and cut them to the correct size. For the perfect finish a wood sander is recommended.

For artisans, carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts, there is a far more specific and precise range of woodworking tools that are on offer. These range from chisels and wood drills to carving sets and wood turning lathes for larger tasks.

At Westfalia you can find a wide range of hand tools, drills, saws and other machines for the perfectly equipped workshop. No matter whether you want to split firewood, build furniture or repair wooden objects: we offer the right tool for the job.

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