Car repair tools
Car repair tools
Your car, van, truck, bike or lorry is one of the most important assets for any business or household, providing us with the ability to transport ourselves or our good safely and in good time. It is incredibly important that each piece is functioning at its optimum to ensure the safe delivery of both people and products. Regularly maintaining tyres, windscreens, fluids and your engine ensures your security. 

Automotive repair covers an extremely vast array of tasks that range from basic maintenance and replacements all the way to bodywork and engine repairs. Because of this diversity we at Westfalia stock an equally large collection of tools to assist you in whatever task you choose to undertake such as brake pad replacements, tyre changes, radiator repair and more. Comprising on brands such as Bosch, Black and Decker, Makita and our own range of high-quality Westfalia products.

Taking on vehicle and bodywork repairs can be a daunting task, or simply impossible, if you do not have the correct tool for the job. But with some basic knowledge and the right hardware, you will be able to use products such as socket wrenches, tyre irons, specialty clamps and replacement parts to work on any parts of your vehicle, improving performance and saving you money in the process.
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