Polishing machines
Polishing machines

Your vehicles are an incredibly important aspect of your daily life, regularly waxing your paintwork and vehicles body help to create a perfect shine and create a layer of protection. The protective layer helps to reduce the effects of UV rays and dust build up on your paintwork, keeping your vehicles paint in perfect condition with no UV fading.

Polishing your bodywork gives your vehicle a long lasting shine which when combined with a good quality wax will help to close small gaps in the paintwork itself.

Polishing machines allow for fast, smooth finishes thanks to the rotary heads which both aid in the application and buffing of your chosen wax or polish. The speed on each device can be adjusted while working to avoid burning or melting the wax under stress.

A variety of accessories can be found below for any task that you may face. Depending on the task at hand you may need an electrical polishing machine for larger areas or a battery operated model for smaller, hard to reach surfaces.

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