Cattle farming
Cattle farming

Keep and rearing dairy cattle is a massive undertaking that requires a host of tools, equipment and a lot of knowledge to ensure your success. The hygiene, health and protection of your animals is of the utmost importance and can have huge effects on the quality and amounts of milk that your cattle produce. Udder care should be a priority, taking care of your animals udders and regularly checking the animal for any diseases is easy to do with the right equipment such as indicator paper and teat wipes. We recommend checking your animals hooves and food as well as all factors can reduce the amount of milk produced.

Once you have ensure that your animals are happy and healthy, you can turn to the milking process itself. Our catalogue includes a wide range of tools and machines to help get the most out of each cow each day. In order to separate your cows we recommend using animal marking tools and a good set of harnesses to make the task easier. 

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