FIPP® Vacuum Cleaner Bags in the Westfalia Vacuum Cleaner Bags Online Shop

Fully synthetic high performance vacuum cleaner bags in HEPA® Quality

Find your dust bag in 2 simple steps. With the make and model of your vacuum cleaner at hand you will quickly get to the required vacuum cleaner bag.

All vacuum cleaner bags are made from volume fleece in a patented way. Thanks to the DUST CONTROL SYSTEM the collected dust is evenly distributed within the vacuum cleaner bag.

Simply select your vacuum cleaner make and model and the suitable vacuum cleaner bag will be displayed.

The multi-layer special filter dust bag ensures:

  • significantly longer usage thanks to the high dust capacity, compared to paper vacuum cleaner bags
  • improved hygiene thanks to the HEPA®* filtration - fine dust like pollen, mildew dust, etc will be filtered out
  • continuous and consistent high suction power

The perfect FIPP® vacuum cleaner bag for the respective vacuum cleaner.

*HEPA Filtration guarantees 20cm/sec flow speed

We supply vacuum cleaner bags for all leading manufacturers like: AEG, AFK, Alaska, Alfatec, Beam, Bliss, Blue Air, Bluesky, Bob Home, Bomann, Bosch, Brinkmann, Calor, Clatronic, Condel, Daewoo, Darel, De Sina, De Longhi, Delta, Domostar, Durabrand, Efbe, EIO, El Star, Electrolux, Elektro Helios, Elin, Elram, Eltring, Eltropa, e-matic, Emide, EUP, ewt, Fakir, Famulus, Ferm, FIF, Friac, Germantic, Grandius, Hanseatic-Otto, Hit Company, Holland Electro, Home Electronics, Hoover, Hugin, Ide Line, ITO, Kalorik, Kärcher, Karstadt, Kasui, Kenwood, Kinglake, König, Krups, Laser, Lervia, LG Electronics, Lindhaus, Lloyds, Magic, Maxum, Medion, Melissa, micromaxx, Miele, Miostar, Morgan´s, Morphy Richards, Moulinex, MPM, multiTec - Norma, Neufunk, Nilfisk, Novamatic, Omega, Panasonic, Philips, Primera, Privileg - Quelle, Profilo, Profimaster, Progress, Protech, Protos, Rotel, Rowenta, Ruton, Salco, Samsung, Satrap, Severin, Siemens, Silva, Singer, SMC, Solac, Spitzenreiter, Standard (CH), Star, Support Plus, Taurus, Tschibo, Team, Tefal, Thomas, Tip Top, Top Edition, Tornado, Trendline, Trisa, Tristar, UFESA, United, Volta, Vorwerk, Weltstar, Westfalia and many more.

You realise how difficult good housekeeping can be when you have noticed that you have ran out of vacuum cleaner bags. Many people agree that it is easier to buy a new vacuum cleaner than buying a suitable vacuum cleaner bag.

The domestic appliance market offers a vast variety and choice of vacuum cleaners. Each manufacturer produces a series of different models with different sizes, technical data and performance.

Each one of these models now has its own vacuum cleaner bag which can not be substituted by a different bag. The vacuum cleaner bags should therefore be available in specialist shops. In a majority of cases the required bag is not in stock.

Here, you will find the suitable vacuum cleaner bag for your vacuum cleaner.
Simple and easy.

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