Brands at Westfalia

3M (9)
Abus (23)

You don’t become a brand with expertise in preventive security technology ... more

Activa (6)

ACTIVA Grillküchen GmbH is a specialist in the field of heating & ... more

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Incisive profile through commitment to German brand heritage and to ... more

AL-KO (18)

The world player AL-KO KOBER Group uses their specialist skills to serve the ... more

Ansmann (12)

ANSMANN ENERGY was founded in 1991 by Edgar Ansmann. Since this time the small ... more

Artec (1)

Artec Machinery Distribution Limited Company (GmbH) has been supplying ... more

Atika (8)

ATIKA is one of the most renowned providers of building and garden ... more

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Bahco (13)

The brand name Bahco/Belzer is a renowned company which has produced saws and ... more

Batavia Limited Company (GmbH) is a global player which has specialised itself ... more

Beem (1)

BEEM - a traditional german company founded 1976 in Frankfurt at the river ... more

The company Black & Decker is the world’s largest producer for power ... more

BluCave (21)
Bosch (32)

For over a century the name “Bosch” has been associated ... more

The first chapters of the brennenstuhl® group’s success story were ... more

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The Camelion Battery Co. Ltd. has specialised itself in the research, ... more

Canon (1)

Canon started out as a company with a handful of employees and a burning ... more

CFH (3)
Dolmar (3)

Dolmar GmbH is the oldest manufacturer of portable gasoline chainsaws and is ... more

Dremel (20)

In 1932 Albert J. Dremel founded the Dremel Company in Racine, Wisconsin. ... more

Duracell’s beginnings go back to the early twenties in the last century when ... more

Ferdinand Eimermacher founded a small plant in Muensterland in 1910 to make ... more

Einhell (48)

"Brand quality for the price-conscious" - This is the philosophy which Einhell ... more

Epson (3)

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Fein (32)
Flex (6)

In 1922 the foundations of the Flex plants, as we know them today, were laid in ... more

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Gloria Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH is the leading supplier of spraying ... more

Güde (39)

Güde is a supplier of machines and tools for home and craftsmen with ... more

Hailo (1)

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Hama (15)

Hama was founded in Dresden in 1923 and became Hama Limited Company (GmbH & ... more

For over 25 years, Heitronic has stood for new ideas and reliable quality in ... more

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HP (4)

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IKRA (19)

Ikra mogatec has been producing high quality garden tools for over 30 years. ... more

Kärcher is the generally accepted short name for the registered brands and ... more

Knipex (30)

Knipex has specialised itself in the development and production of high-quality ... more

Kress (4)

The company Kress looks back over a 80 year long history and since its founding ... more

For more than 45 years, LANDMANN has been deepy invested in the matter of ... more

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All products of this brand more

Makita (27)

Domestic and industrial users rely on Makita’s power tools the world over. ... more

For more than 3 decades, the name MEM Bauchemie has stood for high-quality ... more

Metabo (27)

The brand name Metabo stands for professional users the world over, for power, ... more

MTD (2)

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All products of this brand more

NWS (24)

NWS produces high quality hand tools in production sites only in Germany. ... more

Ochsenkopf was originally founded in Wuppertal, Germany by the Fahlefeld ... more

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Osram (19)

Bulbs and lighting systems from Osram create the best conditions for a ... more

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leading company in the development and ... more

Pattex (3)

Under the brand name Pattex, Henkel is the world market leader for adhesives, ... more

Patura (7)

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Pebaro (27)

Pebaro was founded in 1919 as Peter Bausch Limted Company (GmbH & Co. KG) ... more

Royal Philips Electronic has its headquarters in the Netherlands and is a ... more

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Proxxon Limited Company (GmbH) has been producing high quality power tools for ... more

Rollei (7)

Gerhard Schacht became a master roofer in 1838 and started his own company. In ... more

Scheppach was established in 1927 with the name of its founding family. In the ... more

Sonax (11)

Sonax Limited Company (GmbH & Co. KG) is an innovative company which ... more

Spax (7)

Spax was founded in 1967, it was the birth of a global brand, which over the ... more

Stubai (2)
Tepro (5)

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Varta (19)

Varta is a registered trade name of the company Johnson Controls which is one ... more

Waeco (4)

In 1974 the brothers Theodor and Peter Wähning developed the first battery ... more

Wagner (7)

The Wagner Group manufactures appliances and facilities for applying coatings ... more

Wenko (80)

Good handling, mature concepts, and last not least extraordinary design all ... more

Wera (31)

Wera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screwdriving ... more

Westfalia (1870)

Westfalia’s motto “Always useful” also means that they produce an ... more

For more than 80 years, the colors red and yellow have stood for outstanding ... more

Wolfcraft Limited Company (GmbH) is an owner-lead family business.  They ... more

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