Gloria Garten MultiBrush

Gloria Garten MultiBrush

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Spring is in the air! That means longer days and budding trees, frolicking lambs and a warmer breeze. For you, its time to shake off the winter doldrums and get some sun. Throw open the windows and air out your home. Wash the winter grime off your windows with handy cleaners, sealants and telescopic brushes for those high or hard to reach places. Mop, sweep and wipe your way to a sparkling clean house.

Grab some shears and start pruning to ensure the best tasting fruit later on. Weve got the tools you need to prep your lawn and garden for spring. If you have animals to take care of, make sure you have the proper feeding, cleaning and tagging tools to keep your lamb, calves, foals or chicks nice and healthy. Check your fences for winter damage and mend them in time for your animals to enjoy the sunshine.

After all that you deserve a nice trip, but before taking your car or motorbike for a spin, make sure its road ready. Wash and wax to remove old gunk, then polish to a brilliant shine. Check the tyre pressure and make sure its all good under the hood. Once all is ship shape, hit the road and may the wind be always at your back.

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