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Cold fingers and toes, cold cheeks and nose - this means that winter is indeed upon us. Stay warm with thermal clothing like fleeces, body warmers and thick socks or warm outerwear like parkas, hats, gloves and scarves. Get some winter work gear to work comfortably in any weather. Protect your vehicles from damage due to the dropping temperature. And remember, if you're feeling the cold, your plants must be too! Make your garden winter ready. Heat up your greenhouse with an energy saving heater, or put frost covers on your potted plants. Give the local wildlife a helping hand with some energy-rich food. Throw down a thermal cushion for your pets and get quality products to keep farm animals healthy over the wintering months.

Light up these dark day with some candles and lights. Use a wood splitter or axe to get the firewood ready then head back inside your warm home and take a well deserved rest.

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